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 ====== Deleting Journey Log ====== ====== Deleting Journey Log ======
 +[{{ :​leon:​schedule:​JL - delete.png?​200|Option to delete JL}}]
 +We have introduced the option to **delete** incorrectly inserted Journey Log.
 +To delete JL you need to click on {{:​leon:​schedule:​display options icon.png?​nolink|}} icon located in the top-right corner of the '​JL'​ tab. There are 3 options available, one of which will allow you to delete JL:
 +  * **Clear changes** - clears data inserted in JL **before it is saved**. Useful when incorrect data is inserted in the JL and has to be cleared. Rather than clearing it from each individual field
 +  * **Cancel Journey Log** - cancels saved Journey Log. Cancelling the JL will clear the data as well as display the flight in CALENDAR view as cancelled
 +  * **Delete Journey Log** - allows deleting JL. Useful when the JL is inserted by mistake, for example, on the future flight. Deleting JL clears mistakenly inserted data as well as keeps the flight active
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