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Paxfiles integration

Paxfiles is a software that lets you scan passengers, crew members, and even companies or jets for their presence on all of the major sanctions lists such as UN, EU, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, FBI, and Interpol.

Paxfiles integration is available to all the Clients without having to activate it in the 'Add-ons' section.

Currently, the functionality can only be used in the OPS Checklist.

'Paxfiles' search results window

How it works

In order to check if the PAX is on the list of sanctions, the below steps need to be performed:

  • make sure that a user has the privileges to at least see the PAX list ('OPS-PAX' privilege set to 'VIEW/EDIT')
  • activate the SANCTIONS LIST element of the OPS Checklist. This is an item per trip
  • add PAX to the flights
  • go to OPS Checklist > 'PAX' subsection
  • Click on the 'CHECK' button available by the 'SANCTIONS LIST' item

  • the 'Sanctions list' pop-up window will appear and the search will be performed (as per the screen on the right). A person on a sanction list should appear in the red section of the screen.
  • press the 'APPLY' button. If at least one passenger on the trip is on the sanctions list, the 'SANCTIONS LIST' item will change the status to 'REJECTED'. Otherwise, the status will change to 'OK'.

Any change of the PAX list will switch the 'SANCTIONS LIST' status to '?'.

Leon Software does not take the responsibility for the person appearing on the Sanction List. This depends on many factors, the spelling of the name is one of them, and as a recipient of the data, we cannot guarantee the results.
This is a free beta version of this integration. The fee for the integration will apply in the future. We will notify our Clients in advance.
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