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We have improved section Per Diems with new options.

Now you can choose between 2 modules: normal and workflow

Diets Definitions

Go to Admin > Diets Definitions to add appropriate data, so that the panel works properly and the wages match performed flights by your crew members.

There are 2 modes available:



In this mode you can see columns such as:

  • Airport - if the day-rate is the same for all airports, it should remain set as 'Default'. That means, all flights away from home base will be calculated at the same rate. If there are exceptions, you should add the airport code and define the rest of columns accordingly.
  • Month - you can select a month if rates should be different to the default ones.
  • Currency - choose the currency in which per diems should be counted.
  • Currency day rate - the amount of money for a single per diem - it can differ for different airports.
  • Currency/… rate - you can define default per diems currency (USD,EUR,GBP,etc) in Admin > Operator Settings > General


The column 'Currency/… rate' should be set as '1' if airport currency should be counted vs default currency on a one-for-one basis. However, if you have defined a different currency for some airports and you want the system to convert it to default currency - the column 'Currency/… rate' should be set as '0'


Default currency is set as EUR. There are 2 airports, for which per diems should be calculated in a different currency: STN - currency GBP, SSH - currency USD. When the column 'Currency/EUR rate' for these 2 airport is set as '0' - both currencies will be converted to EUR , which will be displayed in the 'Per Diems' report.

All rates are being converted according to National Bank of Poland exchange rates updated every 24 hours - go to section Sales > Currency Exchange Rates to view the rates


In this mode you can define the workflow of calculating, checking and approving per diems. You can select persons who will be responsible for approving it as well as person who can do payments. Pilots can also check their per diems and either approve or reject.


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Making 'Diets workflow' available to pilots

If you use 'workflow' mode, you should make a section Crew > Per Diems available to your pilots. Go to Admin > Privileges, edit group crew and enter tab 'Privileges'. Here you need to click 'Reports', mark the one named 'Diets Report' and save changes (see the screenshot to the right).

Once 'Diets Report' is available to your pilots, they can access it in the section Crew > Per Diems and check their per diems for a selected month (it can be selected in the filter). If no month is selected in the filter, Leon will display per diems for the whole year.

On the screen a pilot can see for what month per diems are displayed, his code - name and 2 active icons: PDF and DETAILS .

PDF - a possibility to send diets to pdf format and print out or send out as a file.

DETAILS - when a pop-up window shows up, a pilot can check if all per diems are correct and click 'Approve' at the bottom. A person who can approve pilots per diems (a chief-pilot or crew manager) will get this information on his side as 'Approved'.


Once diets have been approved by a pilot, the status changes from 'ready for approval' into 'approved by crew member'.


Diets approved by a pilot are sent to a chief-pilot for his approval. Once it's approved, the status on pilot's side will switch to 'approved by chief-pilot'. It also means that diets have been sent to accounting dept for payment.

The pilot whose diet has been accepted for payment by accounting dept will see it in the Crew > Per Diems section as below.


Again - when clicking on icon 'DETAILS', the same pop-up window appears and the pilot can confirm that the payment has been received.



A chief-pilot approves diets of other pilots. When he enters Crew > Per Diems section, he can decide what view should be displayed by marking appropriate options in the filter.


All diets approved by pilots are being displayed on the screen and are ready to be approve by the chief-pilot, so that the payment can be proceeded.

When a chief-pilot clicks on 'DETAILS', the same pop-up window shows up as for each pilot, however, there is an option to Reject diets previously approved by a particular pilot.


If the chief-pilot has rejected pilot's diets, it comes back to the pilot to be re-checked and either can be approved again or sent further to be corrected.

If a pilot's diet has been approved by the chief-pilot, it disappears from the screen and it's sent to accounting department for payment approval.


A person responsible for payments can view a list of all diets (if all checkboxes in the filter are marked): approved by the chief-pilot as well as those ready for approval.


By clicking 'DETAILS' a pop-up window shows-up with diets ready for payment approval. If all details are correct, the accounting dept person can click Paid and that diet will disappear from the list.


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