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 +====== Anonimization of PAX ======
 +[{{ :​leon:​updates:​Permanently Deleted PAX.png?​300|Deleted PAX - Schedule view}}]
 +This functionality is created as part of the process of adhering to the **Regulation (EU) 2016/679** of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (General Data Protection Regulation).
 +It is now possible to **permanently** anonimize and delete PAX from Leon.
 +**The process is as follow:**
 +  - Go to Phonebook.
 +  - Edit a PAX you wish to permanently delete.
 +  - Delete PAX
 +  - Edit the same PAX again. Click on {{:​leon:​user-profile:​Permanently delete button.png|}} which is located at the bottom of Edit PAX page'
 +  - You should get a pop-up window with the following message: **'Do you want to permanently delete & anonymize data for this contact? This action is irreversible!'​**. Clicking '​OK'​ will permanently delete the PAX data.
 +**Once the PAX has been deleted** the following areas will be affected:
 +  * PAX Profile will be permanently deleted from the Phonebook.
 +  * If PAX was added to any flight, instead of PAX name, there will be a '​Permanently Deleted'​ information instead of a Name. Also when hovering the mouse over PAX Number in the SCHEDULE view, Leon will display '​Permanently deleted'​ in the tooltip.
 +  * Deleted PAX will show as '​Permanently deleted'​ in the reports that show Flights which this PAX was added to, for example Custom Flights List Report.
 +<​box>​**Anonimizing a PAX is permanent and irreversible. Once the PAX data has been deleted it cannot be reverted.**</​box>​
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