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 +====== Exporting selected crew to PDF ======
 +It is possible to generate FTL Sheet for selected crewmembers.
 +[{{ :​leon:​reports:​FTL Sheet to PDF.png?​200|Crew selection window for FTL Sheet PDF}}]
 +The process is as follow:
 +  - Choose the timeframe for which you would like to generate the report
 +  - Click on <​html>​
 +<span style="​color:​blue;​font-size:​100%;">​Generate PDF for multiple crew members</​span>​
 +</​html>​ link located in the filter
 +  - In the '​Generate PDF' window insert email address in the '​Recipients'​ window and select the crewmembers for which you would like to generate the report. It is possible to insert the multiple emails separated by the comma
 +  - Press '​SEND'​ button
 +  - You will see a window with the confirmation that the report is being generated and will be sent to selected email addresses. Depending on the number of chosen crewmembers it might take several minutes. Press '​OK'​ to confirm
 +  - PDF with the FTL Sheet Reports for the selected crew is available in the INBOX
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