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 +====== New features ======
 +**1** - an algorithm to calculate quotations has been changed - all taxes are shown as separate items, excluded from general VAT calculation.
 +Before this change, when generating an invoice for the quote where **tax** (UK, German or Italian) was included into overall invoice amount, Leon was showing total price included the tax - as on the screenshot below. When adding **VAT**, there was no option to exclude the tax from it.
 +{{:​leon:​sales:​invoice with tax incl.png|}}
 +Now Leon will show the '​Flight fee' **excluded** tax and when adding VAT, it will apply to the flight fee only.
 +{{:​leon:​sales:​invoice excl. tax.png|}}
 +**2** - possibility to select IATA/ICAO format preferences
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