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Subcharter flights in Requests/Quotes panel

When you use occasionally aircraft leased from your partner airlines on certain routes, our panel REQUESTS/QUOTES allows supporting quoting for external aircraft types with Subcharter option. Alternatively, you can consider such flights as sectors performed by your fleet.

In order to use subcharter option create a quote (or edit existing one) and in the Aircraft drop-down box select 'Subcharter' - insert the price, add schedule details (or mark times as 'TBA'). In a tab 'SUBCHARTER' which appears in the right panel, select an AC type (it is mandatory to save the quote, if you don't select the type Leon will show a warning). Other details, such as: Registration, CPT and FO are not mandatory.

Once the subcharter quote is saved you you can manage it just like a standard quote. There is one exeption - you cannot physically book subcharter quote as option / confirmed flight into OPS module. However, you can still change the status to 'option' and book, but the quote will not be booked.

You can send Flight Quotations containing normal and subcharter quotes. You can send subcharter Contract and Flight Brief for subchaters using documents templates which can be customized from Documents Manager and Email Templates from Email Templates panel. In both of these panels you have access to fields values provided in 'Subcharter' tab of the right panel.

subcharter CC.png

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