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 +====== Modification of pairings ======
 +[{{ :​leon:​sched:​Pairings.png?​200|'​Modify pairings'​ option}}]
 +It is now possible to modify pairings.
 +In order to **modify pairings** you need to:
 +  - Select the flights to modify
 +  - Select {{:​leon:​sched:​Icon - Modify Flights.png?​nolink|}} option
 +  - Switch to the **'​PAIRINGS'​** tab
 +  - Perform relevant modifications
 +  - Press '​SAVE'​ button to save the changes
 +Selected flights are displayed on the right-hand side of the '​PAIRINGS'​ tab view.
 +**The following changes** can be made to pairings:
 +  * Changing the 'Trip type'
 +  * Selecting the '​Client'​
 +  * Adding flights to the selected flights from the pairing
 +As you can see in the screenshot on the right-hand side, there are selected 3 flights from the schedule.
 +In **'Add flights'​** section we add a return leg for these 3 flights. Once the flight is added and saved it shows in the '​SCHED'​ view (marked flights in the below screenshot)
 +<​box>​**The modifications can be made both on __planned schedule__ as well as on __published schedule__. The published modifications will reflect in SCHED/OPS sections accordingly.**</​box>​
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