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 +====== Estimated Endroute Time ======
 +[{{ :​leon:​schedule:​FW 1.png?​200|Flight Watch data entrance}}]
 +We have added a new field **EET** - Estimated Endroute Time - in the Flight Watch.
 +The logic behind adding that field is that the values **T/O + EET** should always give **ETA** (which should be filled in automatically).
 +A flight ABC STD-08:00 PRG - ATH STA-10:20
 +T/O - 08:10
 +EET - 02:10 (the value input here should be the estimated lenght of the route)
 +ETA - 10:30
 +If inserted ETA differs to T/O + EET Leon will show a warning:
 +{{:​leon:​schedule:​EET warning.png|}}
 +You can also fill in ETA and Leon will calculate EET automatically.
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