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-====== ​Flight/Trip information in tooltips ​====== +====== ​Adding new crew to Leon ======
-[{{ :​updates:​flight details.jpg?​200|Tooltip including flight and trip details}}] +
- +
- +
- +
-Hover the mouse over the airport code in a flight tile in SCHEDLUE Calendar to see details of the flight.  +
- +
-Those include flight and trip numbers, aircraft registration,​ airports'​ names, scheduled flight times and block hours.  +
 +[{{ :​leon:​schedule:​adding new crew.jpg?​200|Adding new crew to Leon}}]
 +Adding new crew to Leon can be done from a tab **CREW** by clicking the icon {{:​leon:​icons:​new crew.jpg|}} placed right next to crew names.
 +{{:​leon:​schedule:​new crew.jpg|}}
 +In an User Edit screen you need to insert a few mandatory details, such as: Name, Surname, Code, Permission group, Login and Sex. All other details are optional.
 +You can also add **passport** details from this screen (1 or more) and attach a pdf scan.
 +Section **Ratings** allows to add appropriate aircraft positions to each new crew.
 +The alternative ways of adding new crew to Leon are explained chapters [[leon:​crew-members|Crew Members]] & [[leon:​users|Users]].
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