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 +====== Checklist items changes ======
 +[{{ :​leon:​schedule-ops-checklist:​OPS checklist history 1.png?​200|OPS item history of changes}}]
 +To check the history of changes done in a particular item you need to **click on the item name** and then click on the {{:​leon:​icons:​checklist history icon.png?​nolink|}} icon below the notes section. Leon will show a pop-up window with history changes details. The history changes window will include changes to both **checklist item status** as well as **the notes**.
 +In the changes history window, Leon shows the chronological list of all changes (the latest on top). The colours indication shows added data in green, changed data in yellow and removed data in red.
 +You can also trace a history of one item changes by clicking on the status. Leon will then highlight the initial entrance of the details as well as all the changes that applied. Below you can see it by example of the Handling Request status changes:
 +{{:​leon:​schedule-ops-checklist:​OPS changes highlighted item.png?​nolink|}}
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