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 +====== Crew Passports ======
 +[{{ :​leon:​schedule:​crew passport 2.png?​200|Adding passport data for the crew}}]
 +If you add a crew member to the flight and he/she has no **passport data** added yet in his profile, you can do it now easily from a section SCHEDULE (tab CREW).
 +When assigning crew you will notice a section **PASSPORTS** right below FTL CALCULATIONS. When you click it it opens a possibility of editing crew data by clicking icon {{:​leon:​icons:​edit passport.png|}}.
 +When a new poop-up window opens, fill it in with passport data (and other details if necessary) and save changes. If crew passport is valid, Leon will show a green dot in a tab PASSPORTS. If crew FTL calculations are up to the rules, a dot next to crew name will also turn green.
 +You can more than 1 passport for each crew, then in a section PASSPORTS mark the one which should be used for a particular flight.
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