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Changing reporting times to all crew

Changing reporting times to all crew in a tab CREW

To change reporting times (Report On/Report Off) to all crew from default values to the manual value, go to the right-hand filter, tab CREW and click a link SELECT ALL. Here open a section FTL CALCULATIONS and click a button edit reporting.jpg, then add new reporting times, which will apply to all crew.

Once new reporting times have applied, if you add a new crew member to the trip, he will have those new reporting times assigned.

Using an option of manual split/merge defining by clicking the icon split icon.jpg is not possible in a 'SELECT ALL' panel - it is possible ONLY when editing a single crew reporting times.

Leon will not allow to add new reporting times to all crew if default reporting times had already been changed manually to a single crew member, or, if within the same trip number of sectors crew have been assigned to differs
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