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 +====== Adding/​Editing passport changes ======
 +[{{ :​leon:​updates:​Passport update.png?​300|Passport section in Edit Person}}]
 +We have re-arranged Passports interface in 'Edit Person'​ section for both: crew members and passengers. The following changes have been made:
 +  * **NEW PASSPORT** - clicking on this button will add an extra line to Passports list. If more than one passport is entered, they will show as '​Passport main' and '​Passport alternative'​ in endorsement section.
 +  * **Uploading scan** - it is possible to upload relevant scan to the corresponding passport.
 +  * **Notes** - it is possible to add notes per passport. If notes are added, they will be marked with {{:​leon:​icons:​notepad.png?​|}} icon. If you hover the mouse over the icon you will get these notes displayed in a tooltip.
 +  * **Updates** - any changes made in this section will reflect in Endorsements and User Profile for the crew, as well as in the Phonebook for both the crew and PAX. And vice-versa.
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