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 +====== Crew Endorsements re-arrangement ======
 +We have re-arranged panel Crew Endorsements by moving some of its sections to Settings screen.
 +On the menu bar drop-down **CREW** contains now only main Endorsements view (the list of all crew with assigned endorsements along with their details) and [[leon:​endorsements-for-airports|Endorsements for Airports]].
 +The other sections such as Endorsements List, Endorsements List by Functions (new section described below) and Email Notifications (re-named to Mailing Rules) have been moved to Settings (and can be found under Crew Endorsements icon).
 +  * **Endorsements List by Functions**
 +[{{ :​leon:​endorsements:​endorsements groups.jpg?​200|Endorsements List by Function}}]
 +Here you can see all endorsements grouped by an **aircraft type** and a crew **function**.
 +Leon shows only crew functions which have been enabled in a section [[leon:​aircraft-crew-positions|Aircraft Crew Positions]],​ including positions for Maintenance or Ground staff.
 +You can click on a particular position to re-arrange endorsements settings (mark/​unmark checkboxes).
 +  * **Mailing Rules**
 +This section was previously known as 'Email Notifications'​ and the full description is [[leon:​endorsements-email-notifications|here]].
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