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-Right now, if you want to **print flight documents** in Leon, you can do it either by using **column '​Documents'​** and selecting a particular document, or by ticking **checkboxes** next to flights (on the left hand side of the screen) and then right click your mouse to get the list of available documents. 
-The first method allows to print **only** documents of the whole operation. The second method allows you to **choose** for which legs you want documents to be printed out. The only requirement is that all selected flights need to be performed by the same aircraft. 
-Soon you will be able to print documents **only** by marking legs with checkboxes on the left and then right click your mouse, as we are aiming towards an **independence** from the idea of an '​**Operation**'​ in Leon and replaceing it with an idea of a '​**Trip**'​. 
-Once you have added flights to Leon, assigned crew and want to print documents - when clicking on the black triangle in the column '​Documents',​ you can see the information displayed in red (see below): 
-To print documents with the new method, simply tick checkboxes for legs you need to appear on documents and right click your mouse a pop-up window will appear. Click on the needed documents and print them out. 
-{{:​updates:​Docs 2.png|}} 
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