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 +When you hover the mouse over the airport code, you will get information regarding **sunrise** and **sunset** at particular place. Times are in UTC and LT.
 +{{:​updates:​sunrise,​ sunset.png?​nolink|}}
 +Additionally,​ **you can see if take-off or landing was during the day or the night**. Move your mouse over STD or STA time to see a pop-up window. Day take-offs/​landings are those performed before sunset time, night take-offs/​landings are those performed before sunrise time - at the particular ADEP/ADES (see examples below).
 +  * **Day take-off**
 +{{:​updates:​day take-off.png?​nolink|}}
 +  * **Night landing**
 +{{:​updates:​night landing.png?​nolink|}}
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