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 +**Crew duty planner** is able to delete different types of crew duty requests at one stroke in '​**Crew Duties**'​ section.
 +Once duty requests have been added by the crew, you can decide whether to accept them or to reject. ​
 +It is possible to delete a **few types of requests** at one stroke (instead of clicking on each one of them).
 +Mark duty requests that should be deleted and a new pop-up window will show up with all previously defined types of duties in 'CDR Definition'​ section. To delete all of them, click on the icon '​**Requests**'​.
 +{{:​updates:​deleting requests.png?​nolink|}}
 +The same can be done by **crew members** adding requests in 'Crew duties'​ section - they are able to delete more than one type of request at one stroke.
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