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 +====== 'Taxi out/Taxi in' in Custom Flights List report ======
 +[{{ :​leon:​updates:​Taxi in out.png?​300|Taxi in and Taxi Out in Custom Flights List}}]
 +We have added 2 extra columns to the Custom Flights List report. These columns can be activated by ticking the relevant checkboxes in the '​Columns'​ part of the filter.
 +These columns are:
 +  - **Taxi out** - calculation based on T/O minus BLOFF
 +  - **Taxi in** - calculation based on BLON minus LND
 +These calculations are based solely on Journey Log inserts. In order to display any values in the columns you need to select '​Journey Log only' as Data Source in the filter.
 +We have also added **Average Taxi in and Taxi out** values in the '​Summary'​ section. The average value calculations are based on a summary of Taxi in/out times devided by the number of flights in any given period (search criteria in the filter).
 +You can search for the following Taxi in/out values:
 +  * **ADEP and ADES** - if you insert airport code in the Airport field in standard mode Leon will search Taxi in and Taxi out for this  one airport
 +  * **ADEP** - if you switch to '​toggle mode' and search by ADEP
 +  * **ADES** - if you switch to '​toggle mode' and search by ADES
 +  * **Route** - if you search for a specific route in '​toggle mode' in the filter
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