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 [{{ :​manual:​logbook-export:​mccPilotlog1.png?​300|Exporting to mccPilotlog}}] [{{ :​manual:​logbook-export:​mccPilotlog1.png?​300|Exporting to mccPilotlog}}]
 +**mccPilotLog** is a logbook software that is now integrated with **Leon**. ​
 +**Crew can access this function from** $$Crew$$>​$$Logbook export$$.
 **Exporting** flights to **mccPilotLog** requires to fulfill **3 easy steps**: **Exporting** flights to **mccPilotLog** requires to fulfill **3 easy steps**:
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   - **Save the log to excel file**   - **Save the log to excel file**
   - **Upload the file to mccPilotLog software**   - **Upload the file to mccPilotLog software**
 +<​box>​**This function is able to export the flights with full Journey Log only.**</​box>​
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