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 +====== Videcom integration ======
 +[{{ :​leon:​videcom:​import-window.png?​250|Import from Videcom window}}]
 +**Videcom** is an IATA compliant Airline Reservation System providing Inventory Hosting, IATA Eticketing, Internet Booking Engine, GDS Distribution,​ Codeshare and Interline connections. ​
 +More information about Videcom can be found [[http://​​videcom-airline-systems.aspx|here]].
 +**This integration will simplify the process of importing flights from Videcom to Leon.**
 +In order to integrate with Videcom you need to fulfill the following conditions:
 +  - You have to have an account set up with Videcom. If you don't have one simply [[http://​​contact-us.aspx|contact]] Videcom.
 +  - Contact Daniel Helland from Videcom at [[]] in order to request **Token** for integration with Leon Software.
 +  - Forward the **Token** along with **Airline name** to [[]]. We will then activate the integration for you.
 +<​box>​**It is most convenient to have the Aircraft registration from Leon registered in Videcom. Otherwise, since Videcom is IATA based software, please make sure your Fleet have IATA codes inserted. If an aircraft registered in Videcom is missing in Leon, the flights will not be imported.**</​box> ​
 +Once you are integrated you will see the {{:​leon:​icons:​Videcom.png?​nolink&​20|}} icon located in the bottom grid of SCHEDULE section which provides you with an access to Videcom import trigger.
 +The process of **importing flights** from Videcom to Leon is as follow:
 +  - Go to integrations section {{:​leon:​icons:​Videcom.png?​nolink&​20|}}
 +  - Click on Videcom in order to open **Import window**
 +  - Choose the date range and click '​IMPORT'​ button. Leon will search for the flights and if there are any scheduled in Videcom, they will be listed in the '​Import Window'​. If the flights are listed on the <​html>​
 +<span style="​color:​green;​font-size:​100%;">​green background</​span>​
 +</​html>,​ these flights have just been imported to Leon. If it is <​html>​
 +<span style="​color:​red;​font-size:​100%;">​red background</​span>​
 +</​html>​ it means that there are some errors, e.g. aircraft registered in Videcom is missing in Leon, a flight has previously been imported, etc.
 +  - Relevant flights will display in Leon upon refreshing the SCHEDULE page view.
 +<​box>​**After performing the import, any changes made in Videcom will not reflect in Leon and vice-versa. If you wish to have the changes included, please delete the flight in Leon and perform another import of the updated flights from Videcom **</​box>​
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