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 +Some OM-A-7 regulations define different FDP and Duty period calculations when it comes to different types of **Standby** duties.
 +When you define **Standby** duty in the section $$Crew$$ > $$Duties$$ > $$CDR Definitions$$ you can divide it into a few **types**:
 +  * **Home Standby** ​
 +  * **Airport Standby**
 +  * **Hotel Standby** ​
 +  * **Other Standby** ​
 +<​box>​If your OM-A-7 has regulations regarding **different standby duties**, which determine the allowable FDP and Duty - those regulations will be set up in Leon by our IT dept. That means, each time you assign a different STB type, Leon will calculate it according to the FTL regulations.</​box>​
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