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-[{{ :​leon:​updates:​OML.png?​300|OML checkbox in User Profile}}] 
-An Operational Multi-pilot Limitation allows to mark a pilot who does not fully meet the requirements for a Class 1 medical certificate and has been referred to the licensing authority. The Pilot is assessed whether the medical certificate may be issued with an OML ‘valid only as or with qualified co-pilot’. The OML for Class 1 medical certificates may only be imposed and removed by the licensing authority. 
-When you tick this checkbox, Leon will allow this Pilot to operate an aircraft in multi-pilot operations only, if the fellowing conditions are met: 
-  * Pilot is not flying with another Pilot with OML imposed 
-  * Pilot is not paired with a pilot older than 60 years 
-  * Pilot is not flying in a single-pilot operations 
-If one of the conditions is not met, Leon will display a warning: 
-<span style="​color:​red;​font-size:​100%;">​Crew member (HOT) Mark Hotel on leg no. 1 has OML but does not have a co-pilot fulfilling all the necessary conditions:</​span>​ 
-  * <​html>​ 
-<span style="​color:​red;​font-size:​100%;">​Crew member (PAP) William Papa exceeds age limit of 60, or</​span>​ 
-  * <​html>​ 
-<span style="​color:​red;​font-size:​100%;">​Crew member (GOL) Julia Golf has OML as well</​span>​ 
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