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-Apart from **90 days currency** of the crew that must be monitored by operators (click [[manual:​duty-roster|here]] for more information,​ section '​Cockpit crew status'​) some operators have to track that the **crew have flown at least once** in the last **28** (Europe) or **30** (Asia) days - that includes '​**Simulator**'​ flights. 
-You can easily check if a particular crew member has flown in the required period of time by going to the section $$Crew Duties$$ table and hover the mouse over the status-dot. Make sure that in the filter the checkbox '**28 days currency (cockpit)** is ticked (see below). 
-{{:​updates:​filter checkbox.png|}} 
-**Leon will update 28/30 days currency if 1 of the below requirements is fulfilled**:​ 
-  * **1** - a crew member has been added to a flight (**New Flight** section, type '​Commercial'​) - '​Journey Log' required. 
-  * **2** - a crew member has been added to a flight (**New Flight** section, type '​Simulator'​) - no '​Journey Log' required. 
-  * **3** - a duty type '​training'​ has been assigned (**Crew Duties** section) i.e. '​Simulator'​ or '​Training'​. 
-On the screenshot below crew RYAN had flown his **last flight** on 25-03-2014. The date of checking the status is 04-04-2014. When hovering the mouse over the status-dot Leon shows the information,​ that 18 days left to expire the **28 days currency** for the particular **type of the aircraft**. 
-{{:​updates:​28 days status.png|}} 
-When you add a training-type duty (defined in **Crew Duties > CDR Definition** section), i.e. SIM - Leon will also take this simulator-flight into overall **28 days currency** calculation. The example below shows that crew RYAN had done SIM flight on 31-03-2014. The date of checking the status is 04-04-2014 - Leon shows that 24 days left to expire the **28 days currency**. 
-{{:​updates:​28 days sim.png|}} 
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