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-==== SchedAero ==== 
-[{{ :​leon:​schedule-eksport:​SchedAero - Schedule Quote.png?​200|Schedule quote in SchedAero}}] 
-[{{ :​leon:​schedule-eksport:​SchedAero - Import Setup.png?​200|SchedAero integration setup in Leon}}] 
-[{{ :​leon:​schedule-eksport:​SchedAero - in Leon.png?​200|Imported flight from SchedAero}}] 
-Integration with SchedAero gives you a possibility to easily and efficiently send Trips from SchedAero to Leon. 
-In order to integrate you need to follow 4 easy steps: 
-  - Contact [[]] in order to receive URL. **Example of URL** for operator MAN would be "​**%%https://​​webservices/​schedaero/​%%**" ​ where "​**man**"​ within the link is the identifier for your LEON account. 
-  - Once you have received URL, please go to "​Schedule Export and Import"​ section in Admin Panel. ​ 
-  - Within "​Schedule Export and Import"​ section go to tab "​Import",​ paste URL in "​Authorization key" field and Click "​Enable"​ button. 
-  - Click "Save settings"​. This completes the integration. 
-The process of sending Trips from SchedAero to Leon is very simple: 
-  - **Create and confirm quote** in SchedAero. 
-  - **Schedule the quote** - once quote is created, click "​Schedule"​. Pop-up window will open to schedule this quote. Once quote is scheduled, the trip will be sent to Leon. 
-  - **New flight in Leon** - it takes anything between 30 seconds and 2 minutes for the SchedAero quote to appear as a Trip in Leon.  This Trip will hold SchedAero quotation number. 
-<​box>​**Any changes made to the quote after importing it from SchedAero will not reflect in Leon. Also changing flight details in Leon will not reflect in the Trip scheduled in SchedAero.**</​box>​ 
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