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 +====== DeliSky Integration ======
 +DeliSky is the No.1 leading worldwide online platform for VIP Inflight Catering services for the Business Aviation industry. You can learn more about DeliSky [[https://​​About|here]]
 +In order to integrate Leon with DeliSky you need to:
 +  * Contact DeliSky support on [[]] and request Login and User Key for integration with Leon
 +  * Insert the integration details in '​DeliDky Integration'​ section and save changes
 +Once the integration is in place you will be able to place an order with DeliSky via checklist in Leon. A link will be available next to the CATERING item in section PAX. Clicking on the link will transfer you to DeliSky'​s ordering page.
 +If DeliSky provide catering service at the chosen Airpot you will be provided with a choice. If there is no DeliSky service you will be presented with '​Airport not found' message at ordering page.
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