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-====== Passports scans ====== 
-[{{ :​leon:​endorsements:​scans general.jpg?​200|Passports scans in a section Crew > Endorsements}}] 
-We have re-arraned adding passports scans to Leon. It will be particularly useful for Leon users who own more than one passport. 
-Before this change, if you tried to add scans to more than one passport, Leon was showing a pdf scan of the 1st passport only. Now Leon shows scans of all passports in a section **Personal endorsements** properly attached. 
-You can upload pdf scan in either your profile: 
-{{:​leon:​endorsements:​scans 1.jpg|}} 
-or personal endorsements tab:  
-<box> **Leon allows to upload 1 scan for each passport only. If you have already uploaded scans for your passports, please re-log, go to your profile and re-arrange scans accordingly.**</​box>​ 
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