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 +====== FTL duty scope ======
 +To make it easier to generate a **FTL** report, we have added a separate **FTL duty scope** showing strictly FTL data.
 +In the main Wizard report page click {{:​leon:​report-wizard:​add-report-icon.png?​80|}} and select 'FTL duty'.
 +[{{ :​leon:​report-wizard:​FTL report.png?​200|FTL report generated from FTL duty scope}}]
 +{{:​leon:​report-wizard:​ftl scope.png|}}
 +Leon will show default FTL columns on the left part of the screen, such as: **Duty** end date & time, Duty lenght, Duty start date & time, **FDP** start date & time, FDP end date & time, FDP **extension**,​ **Split duty** time and more.
 +You can use the **filter** to limit data to particular crew member/​members or particular aircraft. ​
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