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 +====== NEW SCOPE '​Quote'​ ======
 +[{{ :​leon:​report-wizard:​quote scope general.png?​200|Scope '​Quote'​ in Wizard Report}}]
 +The new scope **Quote** has been added to make easier generating a report with all relevant details of quotes.
 +In the main **WIZARD REPORT** page click {{:​leon:​report-wizard:​add-report-icon.png?​80|}} and select scope '​Quote'​. ​
 +{{:​leon:​report-wizard:​scope Quote selecter.png|}}
 +On the left you can find available items, which you can add to the report, such as: Aircraft, Assignee, Price, Quote route, Sum block time, Sum PAX number and more.
 +Use the icon {{:​leon:​report-wizard:​filter icon.png|}} for available filtering options: Aircraft (registration),​ Aircraft type, RFQ status (new request, quoted, rejected, booked, done, etc...), Subcharter (yes or no) or Trip status (confirmed, option or opportunity). ​
 +Use the icon {{:​leon:​report-wizard:​columns changer.png|}} in case you need to remove columns or change their order (drag & drop columns).
 +In the top-right corner you can select period of time and export the report to Excel or CSV. Once the report is saved, you can edit it and also export it to pdf.
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