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Show statistics option is available from:

  • Requests/Quotes view - by clicking with the right click of the mouse and selecting it from the pop-up menu
  • Edit request section - by editing a specific request and clicking on SHOW STATS button located under the itinerary

The statistics window is divided into 2 sections:

  • Current Requester statistics - the top part which indicates the conversion statistics of the requester
  • Other Customers - the bottom part which provides information about other customers

Requester statistics

In this section, 'Statistics' window displays the name of the requester as well as the current status breakdown of the requests. Hovering the mouse over the colour will display the status name.

In 'Requested/Quoted' column the following information is displayed:

  • REQUESTED - Total number of requested trips
  • QUOTED - Number of requests that were actually quoted (status 'QUOTE')
  • SOLD - Number of requests that were sold (went through status 'BOOKED' and are currently set to status 'DONE')

Below these values, there is a percentage of a status vs total number of requests

Route statistics

This part displays information about your other customers.

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