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The reason behind adding this new functionality was to have access to all emails sent out from/to Sales Panel Message of the section 'Requests/Quotes', in folders of the user's email mailbox (Inbox/Outbox).


In a section Settings, we have added a new panel Mailboxes. Enter this panel and click at the bottom of the page - a new window will show up for 'Mailbox' configuration, which needs to be filed in with details, such as:

  • Mailbox name
  • E-mail
  • Keep copies of messages on Leon servers - option to store copies of messages on Leon servers. The message in tab 'Messages' has to be read (opened) and once it is, Leon uploads it to the servers. This way, the message doesn't disappear when it is deleted from the inbox
  • SMTP configuration - SMTP host, SMTP port, Username, Password & Protocol.
  • IMAP configuration - same as above.

Before saving Mailbox settings, loading folders must be done - click icon and Leon will show a drop-down box Outbox, where all folders of the pre-defined email account will show and 1 outbox folder must be selected. In the Inbox field, it's possible to select more than 1 inbox folder. It is also possible to include 'Subfolders' into the configuration - Leon then will search for emails ot only in folders but also in inbox subfolders.

If an email address added to a field Reply to defined in Email Templates > Sales Panel Message is the same as the one defined in Mailboxes panel, emails will also show in pre-defined email mailbox.

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