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Documents Manager

Leon can generate the following OPS documents for you:

  • Flight order (Journey Log)
  • General Declaration
  • Crew Trip Sheet
  • Pax Trip Sheet
  • Pax Manifest

A panel DOCUMENTS MANAGER allows managing and customizing the above documents available in Leon as well as creating completely new custom document apart from those pre-defined in Leon, by using HTML & CSS panels of the Documents Manager. Multiple versions of the same documents can be created (i.e. in different languages) and once they're saved, they will be available in a section OPS.

Documents Manager main screen

It is also possible to create various EMAIL TEMPLATES for OPS or Sales documents, as well as for Crew Roster changes emails and Fuel Ordering.

Documents Customisation


Leon provides a range of documents in a basic layout. If you would like to apply changes to those layouts or use your own templates of the documents, it is possible to implement those by our developers. All such changes are a custom development, which means they are a subject to an additional fee. The prices are estimated for each project individually and are based on the time needed for completion of a particular request. The general price is 150€ per hour, which includes all stages of procedures needed to complete a request: planning, consulting, developing, internal testing, external testing, etc.

If you are interested in the above solution, the process of ordering the customised documents/changes to documents is as follows:

Contact our support team via Customer Portal including all the details of your request:

  • Points that need to be changed/added clearly listed
  • A visualisation of any sort that represents how you would like the document to work/look – where the changes should be placed and which part of the system should they be sourced from
  • If you are ordering a whole new document, provide an editable version of the template

The support team will consult your request with IT to determine if the request can be done on a technical level and if so, the cost estimate is prepared.

There is no set time range in place for completion of the task. We do not rush the work, but rather follow established organisation of work practiced for years, that allows avoiding mistakes and makes sure the task is completed to the best quality possible at a reasonable time. Depending on the complexity of the task, the completion may take any time between 2-5 weeks (which includes all the stages - planning, consulting, coding, internal and external testing, etc.). In rare and very complex cases, we inform the Customer in the initial correspondence that the completion of the project may take up to few months.

Any small amendments, i.e. minor layout changes are free of charge. However, if at any stage of the implementation of the changes or new documents, a Customer requires further changes or major changes not included in the initial request, then it is considered to be separate customisation, which undergoes all the above stages including a separate cost assessment again. That would include things like changing the logic of the document, partial or complete rearrangement of the layout, additional items to be included in the document, etc. We strongly recommend requesting customisation with a final product in mind and a clear presentation, which will make the whole process more efficient and effective.

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