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-<​html>​ +<​box>​**All defined duties ​apply to both crew rostering panels: [[leon:​crew-panel|Crew Panel]] - where you can plan duties as well as assign crew to flights ​- and [[leon:​duties|Crew Duties]] ​where you can only plan duties**</​box> ​
-<span style="​color:​green;​font-size:​130%;">​IMPORTANT!</​span>​ +
-</​html>​ +
-<​box>​**The Crew Duties section, in which the defined duties ​will be later used, is not an actual schedule. That means, it is not a place where you schedule ​flights, it is a place where you create a timetable for the crews to let them know when they are working.The roster does overlap with the schedule at certain points to facilitate the use of the system (so there is no need to jump back and forth between the roster and the schedule), but that does not mean the schedule ​can be created in the roster. This is important to remember when creating the duty definitions so that they work alongside schedule instead of doubling the schedule and creating problems. ​  +
-**</​box> ​+
 Examples of correct duty definitions:​ Examples of correct duty definitions:​
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