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Aircraft Reservation

Aircraft reservations - confirmed and optional

Leon allows you to reserve aircraft at a particular airport within defined period of time. There is also a possibility to assign reservation to a client. Once the aircraft has been reserved, the system temporarly excludes this plane from any regular flight planning.

Adding a Reservation

Adding an aircraft reservation in SCHEDULE

To add a new reservation from Calendar section under SCHEDULE, click New Reservation button (at the bottom of the screen) and insert details in the right-hand filter, such as: name, aircraft, airport, status, date & time, client, notes).

Once it's added it will appear in sections CALENDAR (and TIMELINE). You can always click any reservation and change its details.


To add a reservation from a section Calendar (located under Menu SALES) click reservation.png on a selected day, right next to the date. The new window will come-up and mandatory fields like: aircraft type, registration, airport, date & time - all these fields need to be filled in. You can also add the name of the reservation, client, type of reservation and notes.

new reservation.png

There are 7 types of reservations:

  • Reservation
  • No crew
  • No charter
  • Owner's approval
  • Crew on request
  • 36 hrs crewrest

However, it is possible to input any name of the reservation.

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