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 +==== Tagging Handling agents ====
 +We have added a new option of **tagging** Handling agents/​FBOs. Sometimes it is required to inform the crew whether the standard of the chosen handling agent is high (and no crew oversight is needed), or if crew should be present for the majority of services, or if crew need full oversight to check everything that handlers do.
 +The first step that needs to be taken in order to set it up is creating tags for a particular handler. Go to **Airport Directory**,​ edit an airport and in a tab '​Handling/​FBO'​ edit a handler and in the field **Tags** insert tag's name, then select a colour and save. You can create multiple tags for each airport (see example below).
 +{{:​leon:​airport-directory:​tags 1.png|}} ​
 +When assigning handlers in the **checklist**,​ Leon will show the tag right below handling'​s name:
 +{{:​leon:​airport-directory:​tags 2.png|}}
 +The next step is connecting already added tags to **Crew Trip Sheet** document, in **Documents Manager** panel by using the item '​tags'​ in the '​Available Data' filter.
 +{{:​leon:​airport-directory:​tags DM.png|}}
 ==== Default ALTN airports ==== ==== Default ALTN airports ====
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