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Assigning crew to flights

Assigning crew

To assign crew to a flight you need to:

  1. Choose a flight and click a key 'A' on the keyboard, or right-click the mouse to open a selection menu. Here you can choose more than one flight by holding 'Ctrl' button on your keyboard and clicking on the flights to which you would like to assign the crew
  2. Choose 'Assign Crew' option.'ASSIGN CREW' pop up window will open. It is divided into 4 tabs: COCKPIT, CABIN, MAINTENANCE and OTHER. Additionally, it is possible to select the crew in specific BASE as well as filter the crew by the CREW LABELS
  3. Click on the crew you would like to assign. The crew listed are the ones available in the base, the default base will reflect the airport of departure of that particular flight, if there are no crew based in that airport All bases will appear. The list of bases is sorted based on the number of crew placed in each base with the largest on top. Only the crew with ratings for the chosen aircraft will appear. Each crew will also display the accumulated month/year block time. If a particular crew member has more than one rating and is assigned - the code is circled , the same crew code on another rating inactive - you will not be able to click on the code. If you wish to assign the crew on non-default positions you need to click on '…show all positions' option and the list of other available positions will open
  4. Once you have assigned the set of crew, click save

Before you assign Crew, Leon will indicate:

- crew already assigned to this flight

- crew assigned to OFF duty. this crew will show at the end of the list of available crew in 'ASSIGN CREW' window

- crew not available - already assigned to another flight in the same period of time. this crew will show at the end of the list in 'ASSIGN CREW' window

If there is a large number of crew within one tab, Leon will display '…show more' option that allows uploading the remaining crewmembers.

Leon remembers the last tab that was opened upon following reopening it, even on a different flight. If the last tab opened was 'OTHER', Leon will revert to the previous tab, either 'COCKPIT' or 'CABIN', that was used before the tab 'OTHER'

When assigning crew to the flights, Leon recalculates the FTL's.

If a particular crew member has defined a restriction list in his profile (the list of crew he should not fly with) and is assigned with someone from the list, Leon will show a caution: “Crew member is being assigned with another crew member from a restricted list.”
Crew information
Example of 'Time collision' warning

Leon also will suggest FTL calculations by highlighting the crew tile with the following colours:

- FTL within limits and Crew Currency valid

- rest before the flight violation, not enough rest to perform this flight or series of flights

- FDP violation on the flight or Crew Currency expired

Leon displays block times within the crew tile, the top figure being monthly block time and the bottom figure being the yearly block time.

Double-click on a flight will display Crew assigned to this particular sector along with the phone number & email address.

The colour-code in the flights-part of the Crew Panel are as follow:

- flight fully assigned (based on the minimum required Cabin and Cockpit crew indicated in the 'Fleet' section, tab 'CREW')

- flight ferry fully assigned

- flight partially assigned

- flight without crew assigned

IMPORTANT!! If the flight is FERRY Leon doesn't check the minimum cabin crew in the overall crew setup. This means that it is sufficient to assign a minimum number of cockpit crew on a FERRY flight in order for this flight to turn green

It is also possible to assign Crew to Option flights. The colour-coding is a per below:

- option fully assigned

- ferry option fully assigned

- option partially assigned

- option without crew assigned

'Discontinuity' and 'Time collision' warnings

Leon will now display 2 types of warnings in the assign crew pop-up window:

  • Discontinuity detected - if you try to assign a crew member to 2 flights with the airport discontinuity between the sectors. This is to suggest that the positioning needs to be added
  • Time collision detected - if you try to assign a Crew member to 2 flights that are overlapping each other

You can also change the crew on a flight or a number of flights. To do so, you need to follow the steps from assigning crew section.

If a duty is not included in the FTL calculations (checkbox 'AOC' not ticked in 'Crew Duties Setup') Leon will not include such a duty in discontinuity calculations.

Apart from flights, Crew Panel also shows Reservations - this can be activated by going to the SHOW section under the 3-dot icon in the top right corner of the page.

Copying crew between the flights

Copy crew option

If you wish to assign the same crew to the next sector or series of sectors, it is possible to copy the crew by left clicking on the flight from which the crew should be copied. Then select Copy Crew or use shortcut C and select the next sector/sectors to which the crew should be copied and select Paste Crew or use shortcut V.

In order to copy crew to more than one sector it is necessary to hold Shift or Ctrl key while selecting the sectors to which the crew should be copied.

Once this is done the Assign flight crew pop-up window will appear with the entire crew already selected. At this point it is possible to deselect some of the crew members.

It is impossible to copy crew to two different aircraft types, Leon will flash a red warning “Cannot paste to flights with different aircraft types”.

Replacing crew on the flights

CREW TIMELINE panel has now a new functionality: REPLACE CREW - it can be used for smooth & quick replacing assigned crew with the other crew members.

To replace crew, mark a flight (or flights) and right-click with the mouse, then select 'REPLACE CREW' option.

Leon will show a pop-up screen with names & codes of assigned crew - click on a field next to it (showing 'No change') and a drop-down list of available crew will show. Leon shows only crew with ratings for the aircraft assigned to the selected flight.

Select crew and click 'SAVE' - a confirmation of replacing crew will show in top-right corner of the page.

Deleting the crew from flights

Deleting Crew from a flight

It is possible to delete the crew from the flights section or the crew section of the Crew Panel.

To delete crew you need to:

  1. Choose a flight or number of flights and right-click the mouse to open a selection menu.
  2. Choose 'Delete Crew' option.
  3. You will be asked to confirm.
  4. Pressing 'YES' to delete or 'NO' to discard.
Deleting crew from the flights section (top part) of the screen will remove the whole set of crew assigned to a flight or series of flights. Deleting crew from the crew section (bottom part) of the screen will remove a particular crew member from the selected flight or series of flights.
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