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By going to section Settings > Duties Setup (tab Definition) you will find a New definition link where you can enter the definition-name. For a proper display it should be one-letter code, for example: D for duty, T for training or V for vacation.

If you tick checkbox 'On Acft', you will be able to assign your defined duty on a particular aircraft. In other words, when clicking 'New duty' you can select aircraft registration, so that each aircraft will have a separate duty-colour.

Option 'Exclude from planning' means, that once duty has been assigned, crew member will not appear on the drop-down list of available crew members in 'Edit flight' screen. That can be useful when adding duties with type 'Off'.

For types of duties such as: Contactable, Office, Standby, Training, X-COM you can assign default start-end hours.

By clicking on a particular colour field you can define what colour should represent a particular duty. When the pop-up window appears with the duty name, click on the colour code and choose it from the available pallet.

Next step requires specifying the type of duty. There are few types of duties in Leon:

  • Contactable - refers to a duty type where the Company requires a crew member to be available for the purpose of giving notification of a duty period (for UK FTL regulations). The duty will be calculated either from the point when the crew member is required by the Company to report for a flight until the end of the final sector, or, if there is no flight, duty calculation will include the duration of the contactable period.
  • Off - period available for leisure and relaxation free from all duties.
  • Office or Training - for these two types duty period is calculated in the same way – the calculation covers the entire office/training work time. If a person needs to report for a flight during the office/training duty, the duty calculation will cover period from the beginning of office/training duty until the end of final sector of the flight.
  • Other - duty period starts when the crew member is required by the Company to report for a flight, and finishes at the end of the final sector. If the person is not required to report for a flight, duty period is not calculated.
  • Standby - a defined period of time during which a crew member is required by the operator to be available to receive an assignment for a flight, positioning or other duty without an intervening rest period.

Standby types

Some OM-A-7 regulations define different FDP and Duty period calculations when it comes to different types of Standby duties.

When you define Standby duty in the section Crew > Duties > CDR Definitions you can divide it into a few types:

  • Home Standby
  • Airport Standby
  • Hotel Standby
  • Other Standby
If your OM-A-7 has regulations regarding different standby duties, which determine the allowable FDP and Duty - those regulations will be set up in Leon by our IT dept. That means, each time you assign a different STB type, Leon will calculate it according to the FTL regulations.


Tab Functions should contain all aircraft on which duties are being performed. By clicking Add/Edit duty function you can specify which crew ratings should appear in the crew-duties table.

You can define crew ratings either by an aircraft registration or an aircraft type - depending on your selection in checkboxes CDR Type in section Admin > Operator settings.

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