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Checklist Notifications

Checklist Notifications - general view

The Checklist Notifications panel allows to send an email for pre-defined time before the flight's STD (in UTC). Leon will send an email showing all Checklist Items with the red statuses, such as: Untouched, '?', No or Rejected - to remind that there should be actions taken against them.

In order to make it work go to Settings > Checklist Notifications section, insert time before the flight when Leon should send an email (i.e. 03:00 - three hours before flight's STD) and mark the items which Leon should monitor.

The email itself has a subject: Approaching flights checklists require attention. In the body Leon shows an information as per example:

Following flights have unconfirmed statuses:

19-08-2019 12:20 - 15:00


ATC flight plan (Untouched)

PPR (?)

Catering (No)

GAR (Untouched)

We suggest that 'Time before flight' value is as short as possible as if you input i.e. 24:00 or 12:00, you would be getting lots of emails with checklist items not yet requested or confirmed.
Leon sends 'Checklist Notifications' every 1 hour, as long as the status of the checklist changes to either yellow or green.
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