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Checklist Notifications

Checklist Notifications - general view

The Checklist Notifications panel allows to send an email for pre-defined time before the flight's STD (in UTC). Leon will send an email showing all Checklist Items with the red statuses, such as: Untouched, '?', No or Rejected - to remind that there should be actions taken against them.

In order to make it work go to Settings > Checklist Notifications section, insert time before the flight when Leon should send an email (i.e. 03:00 - three hours before flight's STD) and mark the items which Leon should monitor. You can also choose if airport codes should be in ICAO or IATA format.

The email itself has a subject: Approaching flights checklists require attention. In the body Leon shows an information as per example:

Following flights have unconfirmed statuses:

19-08-2019 12:20 - 15:00


ATC flight plan (Untouched)

PPR (?)

Catering (No)

GAR (Untouched)

We suggest that 'Time before flight' value is as short as possible as if you input i.e. 24:00 or 12:00, you would be getting lots of emails with checklist items not yet requested or confirmed.
Leon sends 'Checklist Notifications' every 1 hour, unless the status of the checklist changes to either yellow or green.
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