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Default Travel Documents by Departure/Arrival country

Assigning countries to default travel documents

It is possible to assign the default document based on the country of departure and arrival.

To define the conditions of assigning the travel document, the following steps are required:

  • Edit a contact in the Phonebook or the PAX tab in OPS or Sales sections
  • Click on the icon available in the 'Default' column in the Travel Documents (Passport/National ID) subsections in the tab 'BASIC'
  • In the 'Default document by country' pop-up window, insert the countries for the default departure and arrival documents
  • Apply changes and save the updates

Once the changes are applied the relevant document should apply assigning PAX on the flights as per below example.


The following passports are available with the following countries assigned:

  • Passport 1 - Number 'GB123456' - Passport marked as Default, and also set as the Default arrival document when travelling to Canada, USA, Poland, and Germany
  • Passport 2 - Number 'GB654321' - Default departure document when travelling to Canada, USA, Poland, and Germany
Example of the default documents applicability

In the screenshot on the right there are 2 flights:

  • EDDB/BER - KJFK/JFK - in this case the following documents applied:
    • Departure passport - 'Passport 2' - this is the default departure passport when travelling to USA
    • Arrival Passport - 'Passport 1' - this is the default arrival passport when travelling to USA
  • EPWA/WAW - LFMN/NCE - in this case the following document applied:
    • Departure/Arrival - 'Passport 1' - passport marked as 'Default' applied because France (LFMN/NCE) in not listed neither as the default departure or arrival passports
The abovementioned functionality also includes National ID's.
Country changes within the PAX details will not affect the documents that were manually selected on the flights.

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