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Duty Setup based on Sunset and Sunrise

It is possible to set up the duty timeframes based on the standard time brackets as well as on Sunset and Sunrise.

Duty Setup section

Updated 'Default times' subsection

The 'Default times' subsection contains the 'Sunset/Sunrise dependent' settings as well as the standard 'From-To' timeframe.

The setup and calculations work as follows:

  • All day - if this checkbox is ticked, the rest of the options within the 'Default times' subsection remain inactive. Unticking it activates the remaining fields
  • Sunset/Sunrise dependent - option to activate the calculations based on Sunset and Sunrise
    • Sunrise offset - number of minutes against the time of the sunrise. Can be inserted as a positive (30), negative (-30), empty, or zero (0) value. Positive value will indicate the timeframe after the sunset/sunrise, and the negative value will indicate the timeframe before the sunset and sunrise. Empty and 0 values indicate the lack of offset
    • Sunset offset - number of minutes against the time of the sunset. Values are adequate to the ones explained above
  • From - fixed time for the start of the duty
  • To - fixed time for the end of the duty

Timeframe conditions

The following conditions apply to the duty times calculations:

  • 'Sunrise' vs 'From' - the latest value will be considered
  • 'Sunset' vs 'To' - the earliest value will be considered


Adding duty with sunset and sunrise setting activated

As per the screenshot on the right-hand side, adding the duty with the 'Sunset/Sunrise dependent' option activated blocks the possibility of changing the timeframes.

The duty is added on the 1st of March for EPWA airport with the sunrise at 06:21LT and the sunset at 17:17LT.

The duty definition from the screenshot has the following timeframe settings:

  • Sunset/Sunrise dependent - activated
  • Sunrise offset - set to '30' which indicates 30 minutes after the sunrise, ie 06:21LT + 00:30 = 06:51LT
  • Sunset offset - set to '-30' which indicates 30 minutes before the sunset, ie 17:17LT - 00:30 = 16:47LT
  • From - set to 06:00 in UTC
  • To - set to 20:00 in UTC

Based on the conditions, the duty times, including the duty times for FTL calculations purposes, are set as per below:

  • Duty start - 06:00UTC, because fixed 06:00UTC (07:00LT) is later than the sunrise time plus the sunrise offset of 06:51LT
  • Duty end - 15:47UTC, because the sunset minus the sunset offset of 15:47UTC (16:47LT) is earlier than fixed 20:00UTC (21:00LT)

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