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The main task of the 'Notifications' panel is to inform via emails about any changes done in flights added to Leon as well as about creating and deleting flights. It is Leon users (OPS, Admins) who decide what sort of notifications are being sent out and to whom by defining settings.

It is possible to define any number of notifications and from the point of user's view - each one of them will work independently.

In order to decrease the number of emails outgoing from Leon (which is beneficial for recipients), notifications are not being sent out immediately after the first change in the flight but after 10 minutes from the last change. So if there was another change done to the same flight within 10 minutes - time is calculated from the beginning.

For example: you changed STD at 12:00 UTC, then STA at 12:08, ADEP at 12:15, ADES at 12:22 (ADES change was the last one - the notification email about these changes would be sent out at approximately 12:32 (10 minutes after the last change).

You can also enable the Trigger which delays sending out email notifications by the number of minutes inserted into fields:

  • Schedule - applies to schedule changes (ADEP, ADES, STD, STA, PAX, Flight status). For example if you want to set this time for one day (24h), please enter 1440 minutes. All flight details will be sent together with the schedule but notification will be triggered only for schedule changes, pax number and flight status.
  • Details - notifications about further changes in flight details (all except flight schedule). The typical value here is something short - e.g. 45 minutes.
  • Reminders - define time intervals (in minutes) when Leon should send email reminders regarding scheduled flights.

Notification Properties

As you can see in the screenshot there is a number of sections that influence the type of notification and the time when it was sent but also the content of such notification. Main areas of influence are explained below.


You can set a notification so that flights added to Leon are grouped. If a flight from the selected group is changed, the notification will include the schedule of all flights from this particular group (including unchanged flights). If more than one flight is changed, one notification will be sent containing information about the changed flights along with other flights from the same group.

Notifications - defining sending emails regarding schedule changes, crew changes and more

There are 4 options in grouping:

  • 1. None - flights are not grouped, which means that each flight is being sent individually.
  • 2. Crew - if the recipient of the notification is a crew member of the changed flight, they will receive information about all his flights in a given day (all recipients who are not planned on the flight will not receive the notification).

Example: a pilot is scheduled for 2-legs flight STN-AMS-STN and on the same day he is scheduled for 1-leg flight STN-MAN. If there are changes made to the first flight, they will get a notification including details of the later flight as well.

  • 3. Trip - the entire trip of the modified flight is sent (even if particular legs are on different days).

Example: a 4-leg trip is added to Leon and changes are made on the 4th leg - the notification email will contain details of the changed leg (in bold) as well as the details of all other legs of the trip.

  • 4. Aircraft - all flights for the same aircraft from the same day (including the modified flight) are grouped into one notification email.

Example: the 1st trip on aircraft A-BCDE is: 04-02, 10:00 WRO AMS 11:00. The 2nd trip is: 04-02, 12:30 AMS VKO 16:30

  • 5. Day - all flights for the same day for ALL aircraft, including the modified flight, are grouped into one notification message.

Both are separated trips for different clients. If changes are made to the 1st trip, in the notification email there will be also details of the 2nd trip (as it's on the same aircraft, on the same day).

Show Country Notes will include country notes inserted in the 'Airport Directory' in the Notification. Change of the 'Country Note' in the 'Airport Directory' will not trigger new notification. 'Country Notes' will be presented at the bottom of the notification email and will be grouped by the country.

Only for airports will send notifications only if the flight is scheduled to and from the airports inserted in this field. The airports need to be separated by commas. To receive notifications for all airports, leave this field blank.

Trip type will send only for the type selected in the dropdown.


  • 1. Default simple HTML - new flight schedule details, crew codes, status, created by - are all in bold; all changes in flights are in bold; the size of email ~5 kB.

  • 2. Default full HTML - deleted legs appear as crossed out; options are in itallics; the size of the email ~50 kB. Below an example: new flight notification.

Displaying changes

You can decide how you wish to receive notifications about flight changes.

When you edit your notifications in this section you can find 3 checkboxes under 'Display changes as:

  • Bold - all changes are in bold.
  • Red - all changes in red font.
  • In square brackets - all changes in normal font, in square brackets.

You can combine the above 3 options, i.e. mark all 3 checkboxes, or 2 of them, or just 1 (see examples below).

Also when date of flight is changed, the notification that is sent in Full HTML email format will have a new date highlighted red in the flight information table.


Notes included in Flight Notification sent by Leon

You can define what details of the roster, the trip or the flight you want to be included in the notification email. You can add various checkboxes in sections such as:

tab Roster: Notify about schedule changes, Crew squad changes: cockpit, cabin, other (positions FM-Flight Mechanic, LC-Line Checker, PSN, PAD).

tab Notes: mark which notes (Ops, Trip or Sales) inserted in Leon should be included in the notification.

tab Trip: Contract (Invoice), Notes.

tab Flight: The checklist items changes: Ops, Handling, Crew, Cargo, Pax, Customs, Notes.

Notifications for the Checklist items will be sent out ONLY for notes added in the item's note field - not the checklist item's STATUS.


Leon will send a notification email if a positioning duty is added to Leon and the checkbox Positioning is ticked in 'Notification' screen (see below):

30-JAN NEW positioning (EGCC-EGSS)

Trigger for Schedule and Details


Specify how many minutes before scheduled departure time you want to receive notifications about further schedule changes (ADEP, ADES, STD, STA, PAX, Flight status - see screenshot below). For example, if you want to set trigger time for one day (24h), please enter 1440 minutes.

All flight details will be sent together with the schedule but notification will be triggered only for schedule changes, pax number and flight status.


Specify how many minutes before scheduled departure time you want to receive notifications about further changes in flight details (all except flight schedule). The typical value here is something short - e.g. 45 minutes (see example below).


Notes added in available fields, in 'Legs Info' section, will be included in the notification email ONLY if the status of the particular service is NOT set as N/A

Include/Exclude Recipients

You can include and/or exclude recipients of the particular notification.

Click on the include icon and select a person from the list of Leon users at your company. Choose the icon exclude if this person should NOT receive notification emails.

Once it's saved, you can see in the field 'People' names included i.e.: or excluded:

Click to remove names from this section.

Managing notifications

Every time you create a new notification, you can set it up in a different way. You can include options, positionings or office duties. You can include scheduled maintenance and aircraft movements. You can select crew: cabin, cockpit or maintenance. You can add appropriate checkboxes related to 'Legs Info' checklist.

You can decide if you want the notification to show times in UTC, in LT or in both UTC & LT by using Display times in drop-down box.

You can also select a 'Client' and save a particular notification only for this particular client. You still need to add his email address in the field 'E-mail addresses', if you want him to receive notification emails.

Each notification can be deactivated (simply click and save). You will be able to activate it back in the future, if necessary (click and save). Of course, you can completely any notification as well.

Below you can find various examples of notifications, which can be sent out by Leon.

  • New flight - schedule only - no checklist details included.

  • Checklist details - both 'Flight' & 'Trip' checklist items combined.

  • Scheduled maintenance - maintenance added in 'Maintenance' section.

  • Movements - sent out if 'Flight Watch' details are in the system.

  • Option - flight status set as 'Option'.

  • Office duty - duty added in 'Crew Duties' table has a type defined as 'Office'.

  • Reminder - enable the trigger for schedule or/and details, define time and tick 'Send reminders'. The email header will appear (screenshot below) and the schedule/details will be included as well.

  • Local time - tick the checkbox 'Use local time' to get notification emails in local time.

  • “From” e-mail address - all notifications will appear to be sent from this address, so all replies will be directed there. If this field is not filled out, unaccessible mail address will be used instead.
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