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Fuel prices from the uploaded fuel file

Tab FUEL shows fuel data from uploaded files in section OPS > Fuel Prices. The section is split into 2 parts: ADEP fuel prices & ADES fuel prices.

Each field shows details such as:

  • Fuel supplier
  • Fuel card
  • Price per L JET A1
  • Currency

In the top-right corner of the FUEL tab you can find a switcher which allows to view either Base fuel price (excluding tax), or Total fuel price (including tax). The default setting which price should be displayed automatically can be found in a section Settings > General settings - click a drop-down Default price type for fuel prices and select between total and base, then save.

Prices marked with a star indicate a favourite Fuel Supplier selected in the OPS > Fuel Prices section.

Also, in FUEL tab you can select which fuel price should appear on Trip Sheet document by marking a checkbox (the lowest price appears in tab FUEL in green). You can remove the unwanted fuel prices by clicking

It is also possible to add a custom fuel price by clicking '+' next to the airport code - this will open a new field where you need to select fuel supplier, a fuel card, add the price and the currency.

Notes attached in fuel files can be viewed if you hover the mouse over this icon.

It is possible to edit the Fuel price note in the FUEL tab. Simply click on the notepad icon and edit existing note or add a new one in the 'Edit note' pop-up window. This applies only to the notes on the edited leg

How the fuel prices work

  • Fuel prices have to be saved on the flight. This means that after uploading prices or adding a flight, you have to click SAVE in the FUEL tab. The prices not saved are not kept in the FUEL tab
  • Saved prices freeze when NOW equals STD. After this moment new files uploaded do not update the prices on the flight
  • If the price is marked as 'Show on Trip Sheet' and saved on the future flight, new prices or removal of old prices will not override this price
  • If the fuel file is deleted in Handling > Fuel Prices, the past flights will not be affected as long as the prices are saved

Ordering fuel

It is possible to send an email with the Fuel Order directly from Leon to 3 suppliers: Success Aviation, Fuel & More, Valcora, Jetex and more.

The ordering fuel pop-up window contains two tabs:



Fuel request email window

To order fuel, simply click next to Leon prices in a tab FUEL and a pop-up window will appear with default content where you only need to insert the 'Reply to' email. You can also alter the text within the 'Request' and 'Footer' windows.

Email addresses to the fuel suppliers are inserted by default and they are:

You have to insert the above details only once as the next orders will remember the input.

When ordering fuel through a tab 'FUEL' at the particular airport, Leon will show only legs to/from that airport - not all legs of the trip.


In the 'MESSAGES' tab, it is possible to preview the correspondence history.

If the Mailbox is created and the mailbox email is inserted in the 'Reply to' field, the emails sent as well as the responses should appear in this tab.

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