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Welcome to the manual of Leon application - online scheduling software for aviation.

Leon is an application that allows to keep track of flights, crew, duties, documents and many other tasks typical for aviation company. General product description is available under company website:

If you need help while using the application and you cannot find it in this manual, please contact Leon customer support by sending email to


Leon is an online application accessible through a web browser. Internet connection is required at all times while working with the application.

List of supported browsers:

  • Chrome (recommended)
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer 8 or later

Chrome is recommended as it is a browser that is mostly being used during the development process. Internet Explorer is supported, but not recommended due to compatibility issues.

Application dedicated for iPhone/iPad is also available. Please search AppStore using phrase 'Leon Software' and install the application on your device. This application can work offline, which is particularly useful for crew members.

Logging in

Logging in

Leon application exists in two versions: beta and stable. Normally, you should always use stable version which is tested and has less probability of any bugs.

Beta version is for testing and contains new functions which will appear in stable version after the testing period is completed. Once the new function is released, it is first available under beta version for users' reviews and tests.

Beta version has access to the same data as the stable version. If you change anything on stable, it will be visible on beta and vice versa.

In order to access stable and beta versions, please use following URL addresses pattern:

Version URL address

For example if the name of operator is ABC Airlines - operator id is ABC and URL address is:

  • for Stable version:
  • for Beta version:

After your first login, please edit your profile settings in the top-right corner of the page. It is very important to provide minimum information for each user. This is especially important for crew members. Make sure you have provided:

  • Work email address (this email is used to receive notifications)
  • Home base (if you are a crew member - required for FTL calculations). This can be ICAO or IATA code of the airport. More than one homebase can be entered.
  • Change your password!

To log out simply click in top-right corner and confirm.

Forgotten password

Password reminder option

In case when User forgets password to Leon, there is an option to reset it directly from the system.

In order to do it, User has to follow 4 easy steps:

  • When at, click on “Forgot your password ? Click here” option
  • Type in User's login and click at “Email me” button. Email with a link will be sent to work email specified in the Profile
  • Click on the link in an email to reset the password
  • New password is sent to an email, allowing to log in to the system

Once in, it is important to change this password in Edit profile section.

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