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This panel allows to set up Journey Log list of items, which will show in OPS section.

In order for the item to appear in the Journey Log > 'Optional items' list, mark the checkbox in the Enabled column.

Clicking on the Additional settings shows the following options:

  • Fuel density (JET A-1) - default fuel density for Jest A-1 fuel
  • Fuel density (AVGAS) - default fuel density for AVGAS fuel
  • Keep JL files xx days - option to select the number of days after which the files uploaded to the Journey Log should be deleted. If the field is left empty, the uploaded files won't be deleted. The setting is effective at most for flights up to 3 days older than the value entered

Use 'Search' field for quick searching for a particular item.

This is the first version of this panel - with time we will add more functionalities to it.
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