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Logbook export to LogTen Pro

An example of the exported flight to LogTen Pro

Logbook export to LogTenPro is designed for Crew willing to export their completed flights to 'LogTen Pro X' and it requires following steps to be fulfilled:

  1. Click on Export to Log Ten Pro - this will open a pop-up window.
  2. Click on 'Click here to begin EXPORT!' option - this will open another pop-up window. Click on 'Open in “LogTen Pro X”' and you will be redirected to Log Ten Pro software.
  3. In Log Teen Pro you will be asked if you want to modify flights from Leon. Clicking on 'Yes' will update the logbook - 'No' will not
  4. Flights will be updated in the section 'Logbook' in LogTen Pro X as per screenshot below.
Log Ten Pro is only available to install on iOS devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad). This function is able to export the flights with full Journey Log only.
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