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-====== Operator colours ====== 
-[{{ :​leon:​admin-operator-colours:​operator-colours.png|Operator colours page}}] 
-This function is very useful for Flight Support Companies that deal with numbers of operators. It helps to differentiate one operator'​s flights from another'​s assigning different colour patern to each operator. 
-Setting colour pattern is very easy: 
-  - Open this page in Leon 
-  - Choose your operator code in the dropdown ({{:​leon:​icons:​operator and name.png?​nolink&​100}}) 
-  - Assign colour code to each  operator and press "​Update"​ 
-  ​ 
-Once this is done, when you go to flights list and choose the view on all operators ({{:​leon:​icons:​dropdown.png?​nolink&​25|}}),​ the lst will be displayed by the colour set in this section. 
-In such cases, this colour has the priority over other colour coding. 
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