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Renaming Aircraft Fees labels

The option to rename Aircraft Fees labels is available in the Requests/Quotes > Fees > Aircraft Fees upon editing any aircraft fee pricelist.

'Edit fee label' pop-up window

To change the label of the aircraft fee, follow the below steps:

  • Edit the Aircraft Fee pricelist
  • Hover the cursor over the element of the pricelist of which the name should be changed a and click on the pencil icon that appears next to the original name

  • Insert the new label name
  • Select the 'APPLY' button to apply changes
  • Press 'SAVE' at the bottom of the pricelist to save the updated label

Once the label is updated it will appear on all the newly added requests that include this pricelist element:

At this stage, the label name will not apply to the columns in the Report Wizard > scope 'Quote'.

Chance of label will apply to the selected element within all the Aircraft Fees pricelists.
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