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Aircraft usage breakdown

Aircraft usage breakdown presentation

This report is based on the scope 'Flight'.

The report is grouped by aircraft registration (in alphabetical order) and is divided into 2 sections:

1. Table section - includes time spent on the aircraft represented in 3 tables and based on the below criteria:

  • OWNER table - time spent on flights which are 'Flight for owner' type and 'non-Commercial' per Client (based on 'Client Name' column in the report)
  • CLIENT - time spent on all 'Commercial' flights per Client (based on 'Client Name' column in the report)
  • TYPE - time spent on the trip depending on the trip type

2. Chart section - located next to the table to which it applies. It is a graphic presentation of the values in the table as a percentage

The report can still be edited and the number of the columns amended upon clicking on 'EDIT DATA' button located in the top-left corner.

The change in the column layout will not be reflected in the PDF and the overview of the report. It will only reflect if it is also amended in HTML in the 'EDIT TEMPLATE' section.

It is possible to change the date range and export this report to the PDF file.

This report includes only the trips with JL inserted (full or partial)
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