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Per Diems

Report 'Per Diems' - crew wages calculated according to settings in section 'Diets Definition' and operator personal requirements

If you have defined per diems for your crew in section Settings > Per Diems Definitions (read more about this topic HERE, you can use this report to view monthly wages for crew members.

In the default Leon setting Per Diems are calculated as follow:

  • 0.25 per diem for 1-6 hours outside home base
  • 0.5 per diem for 6-12 hours outside home base
  • 1 per diem for 12 hours and more outside home base

Per diems will be calculated for both - flights with journey log and also without journey log (schedule times apply).

It is possible to switch between UTC and LT in the filter.

Per diems are calculated for a single day and Leon splits per diem if it crosses midnight. So if duty is from 1700 to 0300 (next day) - Leon will calculate 0.75 per diem as summary of 0.5 per diem from 1700 to 23:59 and 0.25 from 00:00 to 03:00
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