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Sales app logging in page

Leon SALES MOBILE APP has been created for smooth & fast managing of your BizAv sales.

The app can be downloaded for free and is available for iOS and Android device users. In the App store type in 'Leon Sales' in the search box and install the application.

In order to use Sales app, a user must be given access in Leon 'Privileges' panel as per below screenshot.


Logging in credentials are the same as for the web-version of Leon.

Adding a quote

Adding itinerary & PAX details to the quote
A quote added via Leon Sales app

To add a quote click an icon add quote icon 2.png and fill in an upper part of the page with details:

  • Requested by - a mandatory item - type first 3 letters of client's name or surname and Leon will suggest name/names (as long as the client has been added to Leon's clients' database).
  • Representative - if a client or a company has assigned a representative/representatives in his Leon profile, type first 3 letters of client's name or surname and Leon will suggest name/names.
  • Min. category - a mandatory item - select an aircraft category from the list displayed in the app and save.
  • Aircraft - select an aircraft from the list and save.

The lower part of the page has to be filed in with itinerary details, including PAX number.

  • ADEP/ADES - type an airport code or its name and Leon will suggest airports to choose from.
  • Date - select a date from the calendar.
  • Departure - select departure time from the clock.
  • PAX - type the number of passengers.

Once the quote has been added, it will show up on top of the quotes list with the status new request icon.png and with the client's name in bold, which will disappear if the quote has been edited & read or changed.

bold unbld.png

Editing the Quote


The list of quotes in Leon Sales app
Editing quote's details
Quote's aircraft & airport fees
Changing quote's status

Once the user has logged in, he can see the list of quotes. Each quote shows such details as the client's name & surname, quote's status and itinerary details: date, route and PAX number.

quote's details.png

By clicking on the upper part of the tile, Leon will also show quote's departure and arrival LT times (with UTC time difference) and airports names.

quote's schedule.png

Clicking on the lower part of the quote's tile transfers to a page where there are more details displayed, such as Name & surname of the client's representative (if selected when adding a quote) and assignee's details.

It is possible to assign/change Requester/Representative/Assignee from quote editing section.

Simply click on one of the headers (e.g. requested by icon.png icon if Requester is to be changed). In a pop-up window start typing the name of the new Requester/Representative/Assignee (minimum 3 letters) and select the name from the list. Press 'SAVE' to save changes.

It is always possible to change the Requester, the Representative or the Assignee by clicking the editor.png icon.

change contact.png

Right below Leon shows quote's details, such as:

quote's details 2.png

  • Aircraft reg number acft reg.png
  • Quote's price price.png
  • Date & Route date and route.png
  • PAX number pax number.png

If there are a few quotes added and the user is swiping down to check details, buttons: 'Change status', 'Messages' & 'Add quote' are being rolled.

folding buttons.png

Clicking on quote's date or its route transfers to the page, where an aircraft can be changed as well as quote's schedule details, such as: ADEP & ADES, Date, Departure & Arrival times, Block & Flight time and PAX number.


Clicing on the quote's price price icon.png opens a page with the aircraft & airport fees (previously defined in Leon's section Sales > Fees).

Each fee can be edited and changed (which will update the total quote's price).

price per item.png

It is also possible to delete a particular leg/legs of the quote's route by clicking the icon delete quote.png however, deleting the quote is not possible.

Leon also allows to change quote's status - click the button change satus icon.png and a new window will show, where it's possible to mark a selected status of the quote. The same can be achieved if you click quote's status on the blue bar change status 2.png and the same window will show up.


Click a button messages icon.png and Leon will show a dedicated window for exchanging messages with the client.

There are 2 options available in 'Messages' window:

reply to customer.png

In this panel you can select an Email template (which can be set up in a section Settings > EMAIL TEMPLATES > Sales Panel Message).

Messages panel in Leon Sales app

email template selection.png

A field To will show client's email address, or his representative's.

The other fields such as From, Reply to, Subject and Message will show pre-defined email addresses, email subject and email body.

Once the email has been sent out, it will appear in the app as on the screenshot below.

email received.png

add message.png

This panel allows sending internal messages.

add message window.png

Type a message in the window, click SEND and it will appear on client's side. When the client replies, it will show straight away in the app.

message sent.png

It is also possible to send a message as a requester - add message as requester.png

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